Thera-Clean Micro Bubble Baths

How Does A Thera-Clean Micro Bubble Bath Work?

Thera Clean Ken Caryl Pet Spa

Micro Bubbles are 1/3 the size of a red blood cell making them small enough to get down into the follicle to remove all sorts of gunk!  Organic material such as bacteria, dirt, fungus, oils and other debris become stuck down in the hair follicle continue to cause odors & skin irritations.  The micro bubbles work as a negative charge and organic material work as a positive charge.  The two attract each other and the oxygen in the bubbles pull the material out of the follicle, off the skin and into the water.

Thera-Clean Micro Bubble baths can be used by itself; just the bubbles & water (hypoallergenic) or shampoos & conditioners can be used after the Thera-Clean bath allowing grooming products to reach deeper, making them more effective. Using prescription skin products can be used after a Thera-Clean bath too.

When Should the Thera-Clean system be used on my pet?

If your pet has any skin irritations such as hot spots, hyper-pigmentation, itchiness, fungal or bacteria issues and oil buildup that causes odors. Thera-Clean micro bubbles get down into the hair follicles and pores which can help remove stains such as grass and even SKUNK ODORS!

Sometimes baths are avoided for pets with skin issues!

With Thera-Clean you don’t need to worry anymore! There is no potential of an adverse reaction to products because we don’t use any!!   It’s completely Hypoallergenic!

Reduces Shedding Too!

Healthy skin is Clean skin which makes healthy hair! Healthy hair stays in the hair follicle longer!

It’s GREEN & Environmentally Friendly!

Since we don’t have to use any chemicals, it’s great for the environment (and of course your pets.)   We use high quality professional products anyway but this is even BETTER!

Why Would I Want To Add A Thera-Clean Bath? (especially if my pet has no symptoms of skin issues?)

Give your pet a True Spa Day!!

The Thera-clean bathing system gets your pets’ skin cleaner and stays smelling better longer. The results of your pets’ bath & haircut will last longer!   Your pets may look good on the outside but you can’t see bacteria & other issues that are located deep into the hair follicles. Use it as a relaxation method for your anxious or older pet, it works like a deep tissue massage! You can also use it as a preventative against dry skin issues, in our dry climate, environmental irritants potential skin issues that could arise.

It Must Cost a Lot?

For the constantly itchy & irritated pet that is miserable 24/7 it’s PRICELESS!

We have tried to keep the cost down so that we can help as many pets as possible! (and prevent many from ever developing miserable skin issues)


(no products) Bath & dry ONLY


$35 (smaller than a cocker)


$45 (cocker or larger, smaller than a Lab)


$55 (Lab, Golden, Shepherds, Doodles)


$75 (Malamute,Burnese, Great Dane)

*Ask Us about our Packages!  PRE-PURCHASE 3 TC Bubble baths and save $10 (Small short hair=$95)


(add on to a Full serve Bath or Haircut appointment discount of $10)

Small $25
Medium $35
Large   $45
X-Large $60

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