Pet Grooming

Benefits of Professional Dog and Cat Grooming

Dog and Cat Grooming by a professional groomer is a way to keep your pet healthy, looking and feeling good.  A general rule is that the more hair your pet has, the more upkeep and grooming it will take to keep their coat in a healthy condition.

Our dog groomers and cat groomers are professionally trained to care for different breeds and coat conditions as well as detecting early warning signs.  They can identify; skin problem, parasites, allergies and recommend solutions, ear infections, tumors and dental disease.  Professional groomers understand that in many cases they see your dog or cat more often then your veterinarian does so they make sure to communicate to you any potential issues they may find during your appointment.

Cat grooming can be tricky and you always want to make sure your cat groomer is experienced with cats.  Short-haired cats generally do well grooming themselves if they have no medical problems.  You can assist them with shedding hair with a Furminator cat tool which is what we have found to be the best at removing shedding hair.  You can purchase your own from us or schedule us to do a brush out on your short haired cat which we should be able to complete while you wait.

Long-haired cats can get matted or tangled easier and cats have very thin skin making it possible for their skin to even tear with tight tangles.  It’s important to shave (do not use scissors) out the mats to make your pet comfortable.  Many long-haired cats such as Persians will get a lion cut where our groomer will keep the head, chest and tail long and shave the rest to keep it easier to maintain.

Regular bathing and brushing is important for your dog.  Dog grooming every six to eight weeks is recommended with a good quality dog shampoo to remove the dead hair, dander, and keep them smelling good!  We also can do regular nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, anal gland expressions.  Long-haired breeds generally require some type of hair trimming.  We recommend our Shed-less Furminator treatment for dogs that shed a lot or have a lot of undercoat.   We also have special shampoos and conditioners for allergies, sensitive skin, dry skin issues and even people allergies that help with dog dander.

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Why Does My Dog Get Matted?    Read the article to help you!


Bathing your dog at home can be an option, just please remember that if you have a long-haired dog and they swim or get wet they need to be brushed out PRIOR or any tangles will get tighter and harder to remove as they air dry.  “Top Brushing” is common with pet owners where they brush the top coat but don’t get down to the undercoat.  Once the undercoat is matted, your dog usually ends up needing a “smoothie”!  (which is a shave down to the skin to remove the matting) We have conditioners, brushes and combs that can assist you with your dog grooming needs to help prevent unnecessary discomfort caused by tangles and matting.    

Watch this tutorial video to help you with proper brushing to avoid a matted coat


Testimonial: April 2011~”I  have a very difficult dog. He has a hard time meeting and/or trusting people. He also hates bath time more than anything. I was so incredibly happy with the service I received from Crystal. She managed to calm him and he made it through the entire grooming process. I will definitely be back and recommend this place to anyone. I wish I had found Crystal years ago. My dog sure would have smelled better!”  Suka

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