Why Is It Important To Be On Time

Ways To Help Us Serve You Better

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At the Ken Caryl Pet Spa we aim for outstanding customer service, and great customer service begins with great customers.

Tell Us Everything!

The more we know about Bella’s allergies or Bear’s arthritis or Buddy’s fear of loud noises, the better we can cater to their specific needs! Our knowledgeable staff can recommend the right products or services or even help catch underlying health problems. We know you love your pet and we care about their well-being too, so feel free to talk our ears off anytime!

Please Be On Time!

We build our schedules with you and your pet in mind–carefully planning our groomer’s and bather’s busy days to maximize quality and convenience, while minimizing the time your pet spends away from their beloved family. Just like at your own salon appointment or doctor’s office, being on time is important. We schedule appointments based on the size and coat type of your pet. We allow a certain time period to prep your dog or cat for their Spa Day. Some breeds require brushing, combing or a high-velocity dryer to blow out all their undercoat, or even part of their hair trim before we bathe them to avoid the undercoat or tangles from becoming tighter. This sometimes can take an hour or more. Even if you are 15-20 minutes late, it can affect the rest of the appointments for the day, by making our pet stylists or bathers run late. Arriving to your appointment on time is important for your pet and for all of the other clients we are privileged to work with each day. If you are late for your appointment, please understand that your pet may not be ready at their usual time and in some cases we may have to put our next appointment ahead of them, so that the pet that arrived on time doesn’t become delayed in getting their Spa Day finished in the time frame that they deserve.

We recommend that if you can, to drop off your pets early versus late. They may be waiting for their appointment time with us but we will start on them early if our schedule allows.

Please wait for our call to let you know your pet is finished or call us to check on them versus showing up.  In most cases, if your pet sees or hears you, it becomes very difficult to finish their services because they become so excited!

Reschedules and no-shows:  These can wreak havoc on our days and rescheduling can be difficult with some of our staff.  We understand that in rare cases an emergency can happen and you need to cancel or reschedule, please give us as much notice as possible; our wonderful groomers are in high demand and our wait-listed clients would love to fill in!

Use Our Website!

Scheduling your pet’s appointment online is easy and convenient for you and for us! Make sure to confirm your appointment via email as soon as it’s made so that we can arrange the best possible experience for your pet. If you click on the Confirm button, we are notified and will not give you a telephone reminder the day prior.

Let Us Know What You Think!

Our mission is to help you help your pet, and to accomplish that, we need your help! Leave a comment on our website, check us out on Instagram, (@kencarylpetspa) or visit our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/KenCarylPetSpa)– we would love to hear from you!!

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