Line Brushing to Avoid Matted Coat

Line Brushing to Avoid Matted Coat

This video is to help pet owners learn how to properly line brush to avoid things like this – a matted pelted coat where your dog has to be shaved short. Here are some still of a line brushing, picture, still shot and then here are some of our clients that unfortunately been so matted up against the skin that they’ve had to go short. Another pelted coat that came off all in one piece on a smaller dog and here is a chow mix also had to be shaved short due to the tangling matting up against the skin. Here’s another pelted coat.

So let’s show you the idea of line brushing and how it got its name. We’re going to take a slicker brush and comb and basically get small sections…see how the comb doesn’t go through? We’re going to use our slicker brush lift that hair up and make sure that we brush from the skin out. The biggest place where the dogs get tangled and matted is right up against the skin. Many times along their back they will look not tangled or matted and that’s the last place they do get tangled and matted. We have to get that all brushed out and the wet grass bathing, swimming all makes that get tighter and tighter. So before we can even bathe these doodles and double coated dogs in out shop we have to completely and totally brush them out.

Here’s a little better view of the actual horizontal line here that we’re trying to create, comb won’t go through so we’re going to grab our slicker brush and work on a horizontal section at a time from the skin out. Using a good quality slicker brush allows for less pressure, be very careful around the rear hawk area where you can brush burn easily. Again we’re creating that line skin out, checking with a comb doing most of the burden of the work with a good quality slicker brush. Here’s a slicker brush that we use and sell in our store a good strong pinned slicker then here is a comb with 2 different width of times on it. Also other breeds like a double coated breed like this Collie you also use what’s called line brushing, lift up that fur and you work the lowest part of the leg and you move upward. See how we’re creating that vertical line again and brushing from the skin out. Once it gets really tight up against the skin that’s where either physically can’t brush that out or the dog can’t tolerate it and it’s painful for them and that’s when we have to shave them short. We’re always happy in our shop to give people a little mini lesson in line brushing so that they can always keep their pets at the length that they would prefer.

Underneath their bellies armpit areas, those are areas that are easier to shave out. Their tender areas it’s harder to get underneath there and brush them so those are easier to be shaved without even noticing.

Thank you for watching this video and I hope you learn something, good luck and happy brushing!

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