1. Q:How much are nail trims? Does that include a nail grind? Do I need to make an appointment?

A:Nail trims are a walk-in service, but we suggest you call ahead to make sure there is a trained staff person available. Walk-in nail trims are $12 and a “nail file, or grind” helps smooth the cut nail and is $5 additional.

2. Q:Can you tell me about Self-Service?

A:Self-Service is where you can come in a rent a tub, table and grooming dryer. The base rental is for 30 minutes. (see pricing under Services). We provide everything you will need except your pets shampoo. Different coats need different types of high-quality, moisturizing shampoos & conditioners. We do have single-serve and full-size bottles of high-quality brands available for purchase. We would be happy to make a suggestion for your pets’ needs. We take our last walk-in self-serve 30 minutes prior to closing and you can reserve a tub to alleviate wait times during our busier times.

Mulligan3. Q:How long do the full-serve appointments take?

A:Full-serve appointments usually take 3-4 hours.Some larger, full-coated breeds will take longer.Elderly, matted or pets that don’t get groomed regularly can also extend their time.We do our best to meet your pet’s needs…if that means slower, then we work slower. We call you when your pet is done, so you know you are able to pick them up.


4. Q:I need to make a grooming appointment.What do I need to know?

A:First, does your pet need any hair cutting, trimming or matts needing to be shaved out? If yes, then you will be set up with one of our pet stylists receiving a Full-Serve Haircut.If you do not need any hair cutting, then you need a Full-Serve Bath. All of our full- serve appointments include a bath, blow-dry & brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning.

5. Q:What if I can’t come and pick my pet up when he is done?

A:We know that most pets like to get home as soon as possible. Excluding busy holiday weeks such as Thanksgiving week and Christmas week, usually we have no problem keeping your pet at our facility. Most of the time, we do not give them potty breaks.We do charge an extra fee for late pick up if you haven’t picked up by closing.

6. Q:Why is my dog’s haircut so much more than my own?

A:It takes special talent & patience to be able to work on pets and do a great job. Also, you are just getting your hair on your head cut, whereas with pets we are bathing, drying, brushing and cutting all of their hair, as well as providing a manicure, pedicure and more…all the while convincing your pet that we trustworthy and they are safe!


7. Q:My dog is really old or gets really stressed, do you have any suggestions?

A:For older pets, we really recommend that we take our time with them, giving them rest times in between their bath, dry & brushing, and haircut. We have found that if they get time to lay down in between stages, it is easier for them to stand. Do not be surprised if they take a nice dog nap when they get home. For stressed or fearful pets, we also take our time. There are instances where we can do an express or straight-through grooming or bath appointment. Ask about it when making your appointment. There is an extra charge and usually we like to do these appointments Monday-Friday early in the day.

8. Q:Can you tell me about your pet sitting services?  

A:Owned by the same person, Distinctive Pet Care has been providing pet sitting services since 1995. We make daily visits to your home to feed, water, walk and love on your pet while you travel or mid-day dog walking while you are at work.  See www.distinctivepetcare.com for information.

9. Q:What are the differences between the foods you carry?

A:We carry a few lines of pet foods with different formulas within each brand. Since each dog, breed, age & physical needs are different, ask one of our staff to suggest some for you to try and make sure to take home some samples too!


Testimonial: “Chester’s experience was perfect. We loved your new groomer. She went above and beyond what was requested. We have recommended (and will continue to recommend) Ken Caryl Pet Spa to all of our friends.” Marianne (& Chester)

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